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Why Docker is a winner versus VMs

This is a quote from the blog A Not Very Short Introduction to Docker by Anders Janmyr, perhaps one of top techie bloggers in the world who speaks with such clarity, that even non-techies understand.

Now when everything is crystal clear, what does this mean? It means that Docker containers are smaller, faster, and more easily integrated with each other than VMs as the table illustrates. The size of a small virtual machine image with Core OS is about 1.2 GB. The size of a small container with busybox is 2.5 MB. The startup time of a fast virtual machine is measured in minutes. The startup time of a container is often less than a second. Integrating virtual machines running on the same host must be done by setting up the networking properly. Integrating containers is supported by Docker out of the box. So, containers are lightweight, fast and easily integrated, but that is not all. Docker is a Contract Docker is also the contract between Developers and Operations. Developers and Operati…

Google's Alphabet and Kabbalah

The Guardian joins the thousands of opinions on why Google restructured as Alphabet. They came up at least with a clear diagram:
But why the name Alphabet? Guardian speculates:

 “alpha” is a financial term meaning return on investment above the benchmark, making Alphabet a good Alpha-bet the Alphabet is one of humanity’s most important inventionsAlphabet is perhaps the most generic name imaginable, perfectly standing for anything and nothing at the same time. Well, Guardian did not considered the Kabbalah. The word Alphabet comes from the Hebrew AlefBet which has 22 letters.

There is a book called The Alphabet that Changed the World . Quote: The author examines the Hebrew text of Genesis and its relationship to the alphabet. He shows how each letter is both concept and gesture, with the form of the gesture matching the function of the concept. There is thus an implicit relationship between the physical world of function and the conscious world of concept. The Kabbalistic creation consi…

Apcera's insightful discovery

This picture which I published on LinkedIn  had  quite a few "Likes"
The Human Experience expressed here is insecurity, even fear. The word "code" normally people associate with devs. But in clouds, the devops must deploy the tens of thousands of smaller applications over a cloud infrastructure and this not easy.

Normally there is bottle neck when the devops must do their magic to place the assembled enterprise app in production from bigger and bigger volumes of smaller apps from devs.

Now that we have containers and microservices, this is truer than ever.

Notice the fear is not speed. The fear is not - not having magical tools and toys. Sure devops need those too, but are not the deciding factor.

Because the biggest concern they have, overriding any thing on their wish list,  is The Lack of Trust.
This very simple discovery is a miraculous insight of Derek Collison, the founder of Apcera, after nearly twenty years of experience. He himself was a coder, he himself…