What are some skills that are going to be monetarily valuable in the next five years?

An extraordinary answer from Claudia Azula Altucher on Quora slightly adapted here for my readers
  1. Knowing about chemistry, biotech, high-tech and how to translate it into plain English
  2. Being an idea machine
  3. Ability to take risks and get off the beaten path of what society says is the norm...
  4. Ability to save and have cash in the bank 
  5. Knowing lots of people you can call
  6. Knowing how to write, so people want to read (interesting) and making ideas fun and understandable
  7. Knowing how to handle difficult people (because the crappy people will make you broke)
  8. Ability to say NO, without giving any more explanations 
  9. Ability to Choose Yourself rather than wait for an institution or college or team to "choose you"  
  10. Ability to pray and believe. 
The #10 I added. I recognize myself, and Claudia articulated these thoughts better than any one I read before . Interesting to see the The Ten Most Influential Books In My Writing she publishes on her yoga website

Claudia and her husband James Altucher


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