What does 10x mean in Peter Thiel book?

We want to offer a service, an R processing service when many compute resources beyond the laptop are needed. This service must be a 0 to 1 product, something that at the beginning will gain a monopoly, simply by being needed and new. Peter Thiel who wrote the 0 to 1 book, says the service product must be 10x better than the competition. However there is no definition of 10x or a methodology of how to calculate it. Simply, Peter Theil recommends we should think by ourselves, and NOT parroting what a book, any book,  says 
What not 10x means

What 10x  better means? 

It means being easier to use than other product / service on the market, by far. From Quora social network, this is a reply to the question : "How do you know if your startup idea already exists?

The founder of Dropbox was pitching in front of an investor one day, and the investor asked him: "there are similar companies out there doing the same as dropbox, why should I invest in just another similar company?"
His reply: "Yes. There are similar companies out there doing the same as dropbox. But do you use any of them?"
"Because they are bad."
"Ok. That's what Dropbox wants to solve."
So bottom line: Ask your potential customers.
This is what our R user said when we developed  the open sourcepaper
I have a huge set of data, which I have to split into pieces to be handled by each node. This is something I can do with the ”grid.apply” function (main component of BoscoR). This reduces the submit time from several hours, to several seconds... it is a phenomenal improvement.
This will greatly increase my use of grid computing,  as right now, I only use grid computing when I have no other choice.

So,   here is deal. Currently, if I want to do something in super-computing high throughput, I use the classical resource manager and I have a several hours barrier. There is something I want to run right now and I have been postponing it.

Days go by and I don't do anything.

Now I am able to do with "grid apply" BoscoR the exact  same thing I am doing with the classical resource manager currently,  I will use BoscoR all the time, every single day.

So here is what 10x "easier-to-do" means: new habits, pleasure, less tedious work, more creativity, more satisfaction, more joy and feeling more power to do things I, the user has never been able to do before.
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