When each day passes by and  a startup loaded with millions and millions in risk capital does not have an exit strategy in works, this is not good news for their investors.

I ask myself why. I think there are many founders of tech startups. They have the talent - and the luck - to take off ground. The founders success is to reach the stage when investors flock at their doors offering rounds after rounds of investment capital.

Some founders declare they made enough money, or they are pushed aside by VC firms (not the innovative VC firms).  There is no management leadership from the original founder(s). I am not saying these companies are not successful, I am not saying these companies will not make it and re-tribute investors.

But their success will be no where near the rewards the investors got from Google, Facebook,, Apple, Oracle, where the founders stayed on.

These companies have super-founders. A super-founder has both the skills (1) to bootstrap the company and (2) to manage the growth creatively when an abundance of funding suddenly becomes available.

One way to this is to look at the highest rewards, higher risk portfolio of products. Super-founders are not "serial entrepreneurs". They are not startup flippers, like Vizify, who abandoned all their customers after being taken over by Yahoo!, crying all the way to the bank.


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