A new HPC startup: Exabyte.io

One of the recurring questions in High Performance Computing is why very little effort goes into users experience. People assume that scientists surely know how to use SuperComputers and clusters and grid computing. Actually, the great majority of scientists are SuperComputing hands-on illiterate

The article Comments to the history of grid describes how scientists are frustrated by the lack of ease of use of their application requiring High Throughput Distributed Computing and /or  High Performance Computing,

A big surprise occurred when Microsoft acquired and will integrate GreenButton - smart, yet small HPC company from New Zealand - into Azure to render movies, democratizing the industry.

Now I discovered Timur Bazhirov, the founder of a new company in San Francisco, exabyte.io

Timur, is a scientist himself, he has PH.D. in Physics from UC. Berkeley, with a decade long experience in computational materials science and molecular modeling using supercomputing facilities.

He noticed the HPC user interface is outdated and that the entry barriers to HPC are high. Secure shell command line is commonly the only available tool and the existing graphical user interfaces are slow and non-intuitive.

Timur states the obvious for anyone working in HPC: the high entry barriers limit the number of HPC users

He created a web based platform with on-demand access to HPC applications. He designed (beta stage) an intuitive user interface collaboration tools, learning aids, data aggregation.

Note: This blog and its' author, Miha Ahronovitz have no association whatsoever with exabyte.io and does not endorse that company in any way.


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