SAP to hire hundreds of autistic employees. Thank you SAP!

The headlines are everywhere:

This is a great victory and the magic power of self promotion of Specialisterne Chief Executive Steen Thygesen paid off for a good cause.

However the idea to have a large company open up and hire methodically autistic spectrum employee was started by Ahrono Associates. It served as a good inspiration to Specialisterne, whose focus was previously to collect  $1 million in charitable donations for training 50 autistic employees per year and heavy government subsidizing in Europe.

The project Dandelion web site snap shot is shown below:

This blog has many references at what we think. We think that employment starts through education in University and communities colleges.

As a professional, I am involved in a team to create system software that has a superior UX (User Experience). See Bosco  web site

This tool ideally will enable any user, including autistic people, to access Supercomputers and large scale data centers situated all over the world. This is the computer technology that lead to the discovery of Higgs particle in physics or to a more down to earth studies, like for example predicting droughts and agricultural harvests all over the world, as our planet is four degree warmer than about 30 years ago.

I intend to have my son David Ahronovitz test the Boisco's quick startup.

The idea of a customer centric is all of a sudden in vogue. Intel, other high tech colossus thrives on it.

Nice. The question is : who is that user we must center on? We should include autistic employees in defining that user.

We see new realities taking shape. and Thank You SAP, for being the first!


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