How Bosco simplifies your life on Amazon EC2

You will find a practical, no non-nonsense, step by step directions  to submit your tens of thousands of jobs to Amazon, at the lowest spot price you possibly can, using OSG's Bosco, the quintessential High Throughput Computing tool.

Quote from Derek Weitzel blog, for easy reference:

Pros of using Bosco to submit Amazon EC2 Jobs:

  • Simple management of Amazon instance from your workstation.
  • Specify spot price right inside of the job description.
  • Ability to bootstrap the instance easily with user data scripts.
  • Ability to use HTCondor policies in order to manage the instances, such as periodic remove statement above.


  • The EC2 universe is only available on Linux builds of Bosco   You cannot manage EC2 instances on the Mac version of Bosco.
  • Amazon EC2 has hundreds and hundreds of features, Bosco only allows you to use the simple submit EC2 instances and spot pricing.  You will not be able to use the vast majority when you are using Bosco to manage your instances.  But if all you need is to run some processing, Bosco is great!

To download Bosco, click below

 let us know how it works for you.

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