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Happy New Year 2012 Steve Jobs' revelation

Happy New Year 2012
From the December 2011 issue of Harvard Business Review, Adi Ignatius, Editor in Chef writes
The death of Steve Jobs sure got people thinking... His passing prompted fascinating debates about everything, from the role of a CEO, to the art of innovation, to the perils of succession, to the very purpose of a corporation. 
A scientific ranking of world's best CEO  based on total shareholder return ... concluded in 2010 that Jobs was world's number one CEO.
Joan Magretta blogs also in HBR Stop Competing to Be the Best says there is no such thing as the best 
What's your organization's underlying model of how competition works? It's a question well worth asking. If "best" is your model, you will follow the herd.
Steve Jobs, on the other hand is un-followable  for a lack of a better word. Mona Simpson, Steve'sister, described the character inspired by Job in her fiction book A Regular Guy, in 1996 as "unable to pander to the wishes or whims of other people."

If Harvard Business School, the Sanhedrin of the business culture ,  - the laical religion of our times - says "we have to look in the very purpose of the corporation", it means many radical changes are ahead. 

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform, part 2


Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform (FGCP)  might consider to become a separate entity With freedom from Fujitsu corporate culture,  FGCP competes equally with  AWS, RackSpace, and all other public cloud players and with Fujitsu own private cloud and hybrid cloud offering.  Read on to see why

Apple's first marketing plan

Steve Jobs' biography, mentions Apple's first marketing plan. I wonder how this plan could be applied to FGCP. It is an intellectual exercise, because Fujitsu  is not Apple, is not a company originated on Silicon Valley. Fujitsu  is a solid multinational corporation with an ingrained conservative culture. However Japan has demonstrated an unusual  capacity to emulate and exceed versions of products invented elsewhere. The commercial cloud was invented in US
Right now, FGPS  is no match for AWS. Here are my thoughts. The three bullet Apple Marketing plan devised when Steve was 24 years old is shown here

  • Empathy. To understand customer needs better than any other company

Empathy is feeling happy or sad because someone else feels happy or sad, it is experiencing and/or sharing another’s emotions. This is a very simple definition, that assumes Fujitsu's knows what makes happy the users and customers in North America, which is slightly different from the users in Japan, Central Europe or Singapore. What the tweeters from  Part 1 of this blog entry show, in North America there is no empathy.

Traditionally product development is based on Market Research Documents (MRD), Product Requirements Documents (PRD) or the latest Agile Development are invitations for committee work , compromises, hierarchical opinions imposed top down (meaning from the people who know less to the people in contact with customers) that breed mediocrity.

Even if Fujitsu has not a Steve Jobs equivalent, one thing we learn is that one person with the right intuition knows better  than the customers themselves. This is true even more in Cloud Computing, where most suspects leads, will become prospects the moment they learn what cloud computing is - in Fujitsu version - , why is it better than other offerings and how easy is to start & rip the benefits they are told will come later.

To achieve this, Fujitsu needs an independent FGCP decision maker, with authority, to make quick changes, see what it works, and what not, and filter out all bad while keeping all good
  • Focus.  Eliminate all unimportant opportunities

As result of multiple departments, Fujitsu offers all sorts of cloud initiatives, sometime competing one with another. Fujitsu offers Fujitsu Hybrid Cloud Services based on Microsoft Azure private cloud, and all sorts of studies on Cloud TCO (total cost of ownership), when TCO is not the measurement of a success in the cloud, the Return on Investment (ROI) is. Visiting Fujitsu web site there is constant confusion between public clouds , private clouds and public clouds, with offerings for all three. Also there is an offer for a  program that takes TWO WEEKS (yes, two weeks)  to determine the cloud road map of an enterprise customer.
  • Impute: People form an opinion about a company

Apple wording: "If we present things in a slipshod manner, they will be perceived as slipshod. If we present them in a creative, professional manner, , we IMPUTE the desired qualities

This is perhaps the biggest drawback of  FGCP. Just look how Apple describes iCloud .The readers see What is a Cloud ,  How to build the cloud in your applications and a video demo.

Even Amazon Web Services  home page looks much better - although I am not a great fan of AWS user friendliness

Being professional means being clear. Being clear means knowing what one is doing, and, in turn the customers and each user know what they are doing and why. At this stage Fujitsu does not  impute the desired qualities.Their offering  reading is confusing. The FAQ of FGCP does not help the user understand how to solve its' own  problems;  it is a litany of confessions from Fujitsu of what does not work and users should not attempt.

Fujitsu is absorbed into itself. It has no empathy for the potential users, at least in North America. But this is something that can be corrected. It should fascinating to be part of  a US Silicon Valley centered team that does this creative corrections and transforms Fujitsu into all it can be.

The bottom line

Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform (FGCP)  might consider to become a separate entity With freedom from Fujitsu corporate culture,  FGCP competes equally with  AWS, RackSpace, and all other public cloud players and with Fujitsu own private cloud and hybrid cloud offering. 

A success in US will propagate with the speed of light in other parts of the world and complement the local experience, making FGCP truly global, as the name implies.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Fujitsu Global Cloud needs improvement.

Here are some of the tweets commenting Fujitsu launch

Service Portal - FAQs OMG, This is a huge bugs documentation!!! It does not work on W7 IE9 and so on

Bravo! #iaas #cloud Fujitsu takes on AWS Global cloud But why using IE 7 or 8 is a pre-condition?

#iaas #fujitsu offers a trusted (IaaS), private hosted IaaS, on-premises private cloud options, PaaS and Hybrid

@khazret_sapenov @cloudpundit kaizen is a mechanical process made for "by committee" product development. Fujitsu lacks Jobs or Bezos@cloudpundit @khazret_sapenov "Fujitsu ... to embrace the cloud. Clearly biz direction". We laughed at Toyota cars 40 yrs ago.

@cloudpundit @khazret_sapenov the Fujitsu cloud seems implemented top-down by engineers who are tasked to do that

@myinnervoice @cloudpundit visionary is good for yet undiscovered opportunities, while here fujitsu's product development & marketing failed

@myinnervoice @cloudpundit fujitsu may need to borrow Toyota's kaizen (continuous improvement) to make proper cloud in less than 40 years

@khazret_sapenov @myinnervoice Fujitsu and the other data center outsourcers have no choice but to embrace the cloud. Clearly biz direction.

@cloudpundit @myinnervoice seems as fujitsu's pre-historic 'me too' approach to jump on cloud bandwagon. I was shocked to see this back then

@myinnervoice It's like Fujitsu is saying "Our developers only use antique machines and can't get nice things to test with."

@myinnervoice Fujitsu wacky "I have never been involved in developing arms" problematic for those who have worked in the defense industry.

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