Fujitsu Global Cloud needs improvement.

Here are some of the tweets commenting Fujitsu launch

Service Portal - FAQs OMG, This is a huge bugs documentation!!! It does not work on W7 IE9 and so on

Bravo! #iaas #cloud Fujitsu takes on AWS Global cloud But why using IE 7 or 8 is a pre-condition?

#iaas #fujitsu offers a trusted (IaaS), private hosted IaaS, on-premises private cloud options, PaaS and Hybrid

@khazret_sapenov @cloudpundit kaizen is a mechanical process made for "by committee" product development. Fujitsu lacks Jobs or Bezos@cloudpundit @khazret_sapenov "Fujitsu ... to embrace the cloud. Clearly biz direction". We laughed at Toyota cars 40 yrs ago.

@cloudpundit @khazret_sapenov the Fujitsu cloud seems implemented top-down by engineers who are tasked to do that

@myinnervoice @cloudpundit visionary is good for yet undiscovered opportunities, while here fujitsu's product development & marketing failed

@myinnervoice @cloudpundit fujitsu may need to borrow Toyota's kaizen (continuous improvement) to make proper cloud in less than 40 years

@khazret_sapenov @myinnervoice Fujitsu and the other data center outsourcers have no choice but to embrace the cloud. Clearly biz direction.

@cloudpundit @myinnervoice seems as fujitsu's pre-historic 'me too' approach to jump on cloud bandwagon. I was shocked to see this back then

@myinnervoice It's like Fujitsu is saying "Our developers only use antique machines and can't get nice things to test with."

@myinnervoice Fujitsu wacky "I have never been involved in developing arms" problematic for those who have worked in the defense industry.
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