Fujitsu Global Cloud needs improvement.

Here are some of the tweets commenting Fujitsu launch

Service Portal - FAQs OMG, This is a huge bugs documentation!!! It does not work on W7 IE9 and so on

Bravo! #iaas #cloud Fujitsu takes on AWS Global cloud But why using IE 7 or 8 is a pre-condition?

#iaas #fujitsu offers a trusted (IaaS), private hosted IaaS, on-premises private cloud options, PaaS and Hybrid

@khazret_sapenov @cloudpundit kaizen is a mechanical process made for "by committee" product development. Fujitsu lacks Jobs or Bezos@cloudpundit @khazret_sapenov "Fujitsu ... to embrace the cloud. Clearly biz direction". We laughed at Toyota cars 40 yrs ago.

@cloudpundit @khazret_sapenov the Fujitsu cloud seems implemented top-down by engineers who are tasked to do that

@myinnervoice @cloudpundit visionary is good for yet undiscovered opportunities, while here fujitsu's product development & marketing failed

@myinnervoice @cloudpundit fujitsu may need to borrow Toyota's kaizen (continuous improvement) to make proper cloud in less than 40 years

@khazret_sapenov @myinnervoice Fujitsu and the other data center outsourcers have no choice but to embrace the cloud. Clearly biz direction.

@cloudpundit @myinnervoice seems as fujitsu's pre-historic 'me too' approach to jump on cloud bandwagon. I was shocked to see this back then

@myinnervoice It's like Fujitsu is saying "Our developers only use antique machines and can't get nice things to test with."

@myinnervoice Fujitsu wacky "I have never been involved in developing arms" problematic for those who have worked in the defense industry.


my-inner-voice said…
William Vambenepe blog "Cloud Comedy, Cloud Tragedy" of November 19, 2009 reviews the Fujitsu API submission for cloud inter-operation. He says: "From a political perspective this specification looks more like a case of “can I play with you? I brought some marbles” than a more aggressive “listen everybody, we’re playing soccer now and I am the captain”. In other words, this may not be as much an attempt to shape the outcome of the incubator as much as to contribute to its work and position Fujitsu as a respected member whose participation needs to be acknowledged.While this is an alternative submission to the vCloud API, I don’t think VMWare will feel very challenged by it"


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