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How to distinguish the real cloud, from a fake cloud

So rather than talking, this is cloud, this not cloud, this meets NIST definition, or this does not mean NIST definition, let see how cloud and SaaS empowered a business to make more money than before.

This reminds me of the Madison Square Garden concert of Lady Gaga. It's on HBO and behind the  striking appearance she is an accomplished artist. She says, "I extend my stage to you, so you can too also perform , that you too can be all you can be and make your dreams alive" She says that because she suffered rejection, like all great artist and personalities, and now all these people are to eat their words.

The Cloud does extends "the stage", I mean the customers of an IaaS and or PaaS make money, but they enable the customers to offer the services to their customers, at a scale not possible before.

It is like like having a theater troop, or circus,  struggling from town to town, carried all equipment on wheels. Ok you sell tickets, one by one, - li…