How to distinguish the real cloud, from a fake cloud

So rather than talking, this is cloud, this not cloud, this meets NIST definition, or this does not mean NIST definition, let see how cloud and SaaS empowered a business to make more money than before.

This reminds me of the Madison Square Garden concert of Lady Gaga. It's on HBO and behind the  striking appearance she is an accomplished artist. She says, "I extend my stage to you, so you can too also perform , that you too can be all you can be and make your dreams alive" She says that because she suffered rejection, like all great artist and personalities, and now all these people are to eat their words.

The Cloud does extends "the stage", I mean the customers of an IaaS and or PaaS make money, but they enable the customers to offer the services to their customers, at a scale not possible before.

It is like like having a theater troop, or circus,  struggling from town to town, carried all equipment on wheels. Ok you sell tickets, one by one, - like say most middle ware companies sell licenses one by one. But in the era of TV, and Cinema, one movie or a series can make more money than all combined tickets sold on  Broadway theaters in one year.
So if some hosting company calls itself cloud (all of them do), simply because they claim they can maintain IT cheaper. this is not a cloud.

Everything that reduces costs, fine, OK, great. But companies have success from making more revenues, not from cutting costs. Therefore a cloud MAKES more revenues for a customer. It make those revenues faster and  a lower cost than traditional bizdev

A true cloud solution makes richer the customers alongside the owners of cloud providing company,

I as a service provider make money, My customer saves money because of my service  = NOT cloud
I as a service provider make money, My customer makes money because of my service  = Yes cloud.

Is this NIST definition? No. This is the commonsense, entrepreneurial definition and the gentlemen working for a standards institution, like NIST will look at you stunned.

Because no one following NIST definition will ever make money, as their focus is completely different.

There is a need to offer an IaaS customer the ability to directly the billing to its' customers, without even disclosing who the service provider is. This will happen soon.
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