What we learn from Amazon Web Services cloud failure

 Learning from AWS  incident (main culprit seems to be the S3 design flaw) - we need to develop processes to easily have clouds on different providers and mitigate the risk that one of them fails.

Strategic Blue  "solution transforms multi-cloud infrastructure deployment from a potentially complicated management issue to a simple billing relationship with one party, Strategic Blue."

Applications like RightScale and Besol Tapp will move applications among different cloud providers. They providethe actual software the brokerage dealers in cloud resources need.

What should be strategy to select multiple providers? IMO, the the application requiring  MINIMUM effort to port on two or more cloud providers, are #1 choice for multi-provider hosting. The easiest would be to use Tapp or Rightscale.

We need a magic list of cloud providers customers may choose for multiple hosting for defense against cloud failure. I am paraphrasing Gartner Magic Quadrant for cloud providers
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