Remote Revolution, HPC in the Cloud & my guest blog

My latest blog is featured in the HPC in the Cloud:

Many thanks to Nicole Hemsoth, the Editor of the publication. Nicole started the the idea of Remote Revolution
The Remote Revolution is defined and perpetuated by the contracting economy—a process that in itself is revolutionary because it represents a necessary downshift in unsustainable levels of consumption and waste....
The Remote Revolution is defined as a movement away from traditional, stagnant modes of work that emphasize and value the judgments of vast hierarchies of management as they observe and monitor perceived productivity.
The Remote Revolution is defined by its emphasis on humanity and family, thus it is devaluing the Protestant work ethic that propelled this country forward (or so grandpa always said) with long hours and a corporate culture that actively eschewed personal and family time.
The Remote Revolution encompasses concepts of worker autonomy, proactive environmental change, social and community restructuring, family and flexibility, sustainability in all areas…
It is going to change the world.

HPC on-demand, is the another proof, a continuation of of the Remote Revolution Nicole envisages.HPC on-demand is non-traditional, non-stagnant mode of work and offers outright value to end users. It des-intermediates layers and layers of some bureaucrats and inefficiencies in creating HPC facilities, We can have more wealth, innovation, more democratic access to resources not accessible until now to the ordinary computer users.

Nicole's thoughts will be the subject of a forthcoming book, and the HPC on-demand is another proof that our lives are richer and more meaningful
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