The new voices in Product Management

With reportedly 90% of products failing to meet goals, the new product management voices make sense. Automatic processes that most corporations think product management is, are on the verge to be replaced with human considerations. Think of any buyer as human being.

Marty Cagan lists the latest bloggers that make sense:

Ben Horowitz -
Eric Ries -
Steve Blank -
Fred Wilson -

Nassim Taleb book "Black Swan" describes "turkey" companies that take the past to predict the future. A turkey gains day be day more confidence for one thousands days while it is fed copiously, only to be slaughtered in day 1001 on Thanksgiving.

"Think of a bank chairman whose institution makes steady profits over a long time, only to loose everything in a single reversal of fortune". Many companies who claim that they are conservative in product management, can wiped out in a few months. Think Altavista after Google.

Unless we make products wanted by people. How do we make someone to "want" what we do? How do we stop others to lure our customers to "want" their products, not ours?

I don't have the answer to these questions, but how many product managers do they ask these questions? everyone says, Apple. Apple took it's name from Beatles record publishing company, called Apple. it's like naming a product Lady Gaga and it worked from 30 years ago every day. They continue to ask this question and added the color, the thin-ness, the music itune-ness, the phones with music, the ipad-nesss, the stevejob-ness, etc
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