Interview with Miha Ahronovitz, Principal Ahrono Associates

Q: Why Silicon Valley  ?

A: Statistics show that up to 90% of the products developed in-house, for internal or external customers, fail.  Facebook is an example on why they moved to Palo Alto from Boston. Silicon Valley has an intelligent risk taking and daring ability to shape the future via investments. There is no such a place anywhere else

Q: Do you improve the success rate?

A: Yes. The product must be usable, valuable and feasible. The product must be “wanted” The product discovery process must pass companies hurdles and inertia. We make sure to collect the goals and wishes of all parties involved. As outsiders, we can do things the company's employees can't and they are the most creative ones, We subtly replace traditional push  marketing with inbound marketing. We develop solution and product presentations

Q: What you specifically do?

A:  We pay attention to the product portfolio and to the people who make them.  We create events, like blogs, webinars, interviews until we identify the ideal customer persona. We can recommend  the minimal set of features that meet the goals. We can help write what readers want to read and startle them                                                
Q: How do you charge for your services?

A: We charge consulting  fees and  when possible, a contingency fee on results which can be in the form of equity.

Q: What do you think is the most important criteria to find ideal customers?

A: Empathy: The type of work we do leads to extraordinary results, these will not happen unless there is a chemistry with our customers. Great customers breed good consultants. Great customers think differently, out the box and have brilliant ideas. They are our teachers

Q: Do you use social media?

A: We use blogging - one of the most essential marketing tool and we translate hard-to-understand into easy-to-understand. We can help write what readers want to read with pleasure   These are two different languages. We use virtually all social media tools to create clout and discover thoughts


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