HPC-Clouds will make money

One colleague asked. What makes you think that an HPC cloud will be in demand with commercial customers?

Because, I said, you own a computer site where you know what resources are used in the cloud, and how they are automatically re-allocated . You know when you have to go outside and “borrow” temporarily virtual resources. Thus you know how much your system costs. You also know who your users are and you bill them. If some users do not pay by definition, you have the tools to show your CIO how much the benevolence costs. And finally , you know whether the HPC Cloud or Private Cloud or Enterprise Cloud makes a profit, or looses money, and you can say exactly what this amount is in real time. Also by being easy to use, more people can have access to HPC and the profits will soars while the fees will go down.

If I tell now to a private customer to buy a Big Blue computer of IBM for $100M , he would look at the sales team bewildered. A $100M for what?

The customer says; “This is my business, this is not the Government and Department of Defense business, they spend money based on Visions, pure Science, Politics and Fear of Enemies. I have a business, and I have to make a living. This is why I am called - by you - a commercial account.”

The HPC Grid answers the idea of value perception from the commercial customer for HPC. Sure all Financial Traders and all risk takers need high powered HPC. They thought they could not afford it.

To make a sale, we need the customer to see the value of what they buy. For the first time, HPC can make money, in the hands of right people.

We are getting there for the HPC, via HPC-clouds. Big profits are about to be made. In HPC? Yes, in High Performance Computing, aka HPC. Click here for the TC Health cloud coverage on CNN.money


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