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Carl Jung: The way we are

We think we know ourselves, but we don't. We replace - in most of us - our individual life (which is the only real life) with what our society wants us to be and we are deprived of moral decisions.

The biggest challenge is how to differentiate ourselves from the society doctrine. But when we do this, we become the slaves of our own fictions, Because we think we know ourselves, but we don't.

He said this in 1950, Too European for America? The Meyer Briggs test originates from Carl Jung teachings. We take the tests and discover what we like to be. We are surprised how well the test works. Because we do not know ourselves and we think we do.

Entrepreneur-ese versus MBA-ese

There are four phases in developing a new business, looking at the cash.

Stage 1: Company looses money, increasing negative cash flow
Stage 2: Company starts making money, decreasing negative cash flow
Stage 3. Company makes money fast and has increasing positive cash flow
Stage 4: Company is mature and grows at slower rate, but generates tons of steady positive cash

The Stages 1 and 2 require an Entrepreneurs mind and skill
The stages 3 and 4 require the classical MBA skills, like the readers of Harvard Business review.

The stage 1 and 2 talk Entrepreneur-ese. They play poker. They pay to see information
The stages 3 and 4 talk MBA-ese . They play chess.

This is why being an entrepreneur inside a corporation is hard. Entrepreneurs go outside to specialized investors, like venture capital entrepreneurs