Entrepreneur-ese versus MBA-ese

There are four phases in developing a new business, looking at the cash.

Stage 1: Company looses money, increasing negative cash flow
Stage 2: Company starts making money, decreasing negative cash flow
Stage 3. Company makes money fast and has increasing positive cash flow
Stage 4: Company is mature and grows at slower rate, but generates tons of steady positive cash

The Stages 1 and 2 require an Entrepreneurs mind and skill
The stages 3 and 4 require the classical MBA skills, like the readers of Harvard Business review.

The stage 1 and 2 talk Entrepreneur-ese. They play poker. They pay to see information
The stages 3 and 4 talk MBA-ese . They play chess.

This is why being an entrepreneur inside a corporation is hard. Entrepreneurs go outside to specialized investors, like venture capital entrepreneurs
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