Sun Grid Engine 6.2 is here

The new Sun Grid Engine (SGE) 6.2 will be released on August 5, 2008. If you want to learn the technical strengths, read Daniel Templeton's blog. But what these technical refinements mean to us as humans? Let's go through the bullets from "Lessons in Grid Computing: The System Is a Mirror", by Stuart Robbins, originally featured in my blog of December 25, 2007
  • Systems don't talk to each other, if people don't talk to each other
Sun Grid Engine 6.2 is more useful if the people who use it and the people who made it talk to each other. See our Sun Grid Engine 6.2 documentation wiki. Users read the documentation, usually when facing a challenge. They can improve the documentation with us. The same dialogue happens on the Grid Engine Open Source Project and on the independent fabulous site managed by Chris Dagdigian.
  • Relations between grids reflect the relationship between the people who build and operate them
Why did we add the Advance Reservation and the Multi-cluster features to Sun Grid Engine 6.2 ? To create a civilized grid community. No need to fight other users with higher priority than mine, because I am an astronomer, or a derivatives trader, expecting a cloud of asteroids in the Earth vicinity, or some heavy volume derivative trading tomorrow. As citizens of the grid community can get those resources for sure when needed, via a civilized reservations in advance system . We can even pay for the privilege, is that's part of the rules we agree. We can take this resources from our grid and from other grids too. We were not able to do that before 6.2.
  • Fixing problem of grid computing requires first fixing relationships between people
People feel comfortable in an environment they understand and where each one is treated with respect. What is an Array Task Dependency? Why is this different from an Array Dependency? Many are afraid to ask. Instinctively, we don't like to look uninformed in front of our peers. But if we ask Array Task Dependency allows the production of blockbuster movies with resource intensive special effects -Charlotte Web, to name one - in a much, much shorter time. A special effects company from Australia taught us how to do it. We now offer the Array Task Dependency as part of our Sun Grid Engine 6.2 product to every user in the world
  • If we want to transform a Grid, we must transform ourselves too
This what a student from Singapore wrote in her blog (see "Grid Engine is hip" entry from July 10, 2007)
... so, supposed to be installing sun grid engine, but he told us to read up on the installation guide first..which is a whooping 130 pages..just reading the first few pages made me go @_@..and im so not motivated to continue..why am i not falling sick??
One large oil exploration working with our engineers, managed to increase their productivity up to ten times. They were using the default parameters. from the Open Source courtesy binaries We were amazed to see 90% of our down loaders using the default parameters. We offer for the first time annual subscriptions. One can download for free the Grid Engine open source, or for free, the Sun Grid Engine production strength version. Both are eligible for annual subscriptions.

No need for falling sick. No need to read 130 pages (we learn our lesson). No need to go @_@

Who should first make money with Sun Grid Engine 6.2? The user! All potential customers do loose big money in their business each day, by not having the best grid possible.

We have Advance Reservations, scalability unmatched yet, a new module called Service Domain Manager that makes the most elegant MultiCluster solution possible, but a little parrot on the customer shoulder says: "So What?"

Stuart Robbins describes a nearly universal inability of technologists to explain themselves. :-( We need to make our customers in love with Sun Grid Engine 6.2, as much as we are. The only way to do it is to learn our customers' business and translate all these new fabulous features into quantified money making opportunities for them.

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