Grid Engine is hip

Here is a cool blog by a talented 19 year old student, who is writing about Love (Love has many languages, we fail when we speak different love languages) and an intent to install Sun Grid Engine,

... so, supposed to be installing sun grid engine, but he told us to read up on the installation guide first..which is a whooping 130 pages..just reading the first few pages made me go @_@..and im so not motivated to continue..why am i not falling sick??
... school these days is simply a dread..we come and do nothing but msn, blog hop, blog, gossip, this what fyp is supposed to be?? its even worse than the first week, at least then we had some research to, nothing, other than downloading the cursed sun grid engine which takes like forever to do so..
... okays, back to sun grid engine and installations and stupid errors and linux commands

Like any compulsory school subject, grid gives some headaches to the students, but boy, are so popular that we entered the world of literature and fiction and hip prose?
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