The religion and ritual in product development

It is not easy being an atheist. Atheists face" an emotional and intellectual struggle to live without God in a non atheist world".

According to Scott Attran, born a believer and now an atheist scientist,

"...his passing thought about crossing his fingers during turbulence or knocking on wood just in case. It is like an atavistic theism erupting when his guard is down. The comforts and consolations of belief are alluring even to him, he says, and probably will become more so as he gets closer to the end of his life. He fights it because he is a scientist and holds the values of rationalism higher than the values of spiritualism" (New York Times, March 7, 2007, Darwin's God)"

One of the bullets in a job definition for a Product Line Manager is to bring emotion to marketing. People worship Harley Davisons, Rolex watches, Windows or Open Source.

My friend Shahin Kahn said one can not fight Linux, because they are a religion. Today, they lost the cult status as it became, via Red Hat and Suse, too commercial.

Linux is more and more atheistic. Once the free-for-all dreams went down the drain, the Linux sects are sprouting everywhere.

We need a ritual in a product. Apple did this

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