My Daughter

Her poem is titled Who am I

Who Am I?

I am a writer with flowing ideas.
I am an actress who desires lines.
I am a girl with many questions.
I have no time- only a busy schedule.
I love to watch movies and want to make them.
I am constantly on the Internet.
I am a dreamer with a vast imagination.
I am a person with expressive opinions.
I am a bookworm who loves to read fiction.
I am someone who tries her best and nothing less.

“Do you like it?”, she asked
“I do.”
“Why all people hate us?”
“Hate us, our family?”
“No, they hate America. They hate our government , they hate us.”

I see Americans as winners of a lottery ticket. We came from Canada or Iran or Romania or wherever. Do the haters see we Americans, are nothing but one of them?

“We are not Americans dad. We are Canadians.”
“OK, Canadians. The same logic applies.”
“They seem to love Canadians. The same said a boy in my class about Mexico. They like Canada and Mexico.”

Someone once said that if America didn't exist, it should have been invented.

“Someone in my class asked why don't we go to Canada and Mexico.”
“Because..” I said
“And EVERYBODY likes the British... Everyone in my class wants to go to Britain.”
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