I saw Downfall the movie about Hitler's last days. Bruno Graz interpreted Hitler. He was shouting and had many moments of silence. I saw his buildings of the cities he never had a chance to build. It reminded me of the cults who committed suicide following theirleader. One was in Guyana. Other was in Texas

I walked out and the air was cool on Santana Row, the nicest street in San Jose. Who in San Jose will go to see this movie? They were Russians. Or they Los Gatos residents with intelligent daughters. We were visibly shaken. The intelligent daughter said: " I have seen this war through Jewish eyes, American Eyes, British eyes. I have never seen in through the German eyes.", she said

Three things hit my head: one was the unbelievable German discipline. The other one was the scene where Mrs Goebels poissons her children. The other one was the suffering of the Germans themselves, who sacrificed their children for a lost cause.

Is leadership like that? I mean, do CEOs of companies have a spark of dictatorship? Do they fanatically defend ideas that fail miserably and we follow them because they are charismatic?
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