We have identity facades. We have a name, a job title, a SSN, a Meyer-Briggs evaluation a status (divorced, remarried), a boss, a company, an university degree, a dentist, a car, a diary or scraps of papers, a lover (real or imaginary). Most facades are hidden in the huge underwater side of the Iceberg.

The job title is right at the top of the visible floating iceberg. In Silicon Valley we even have a put-on air of bohemian product managers. We are the ones who explore the collective soul of a mass of amorphous invisible people.

We segment the collective sub-consciousness and think of products as objects with ideas that feed the illusions other people deeply care for. We do not deliver, we bring deliverance to this world. Or do we?

The product managers in Silicon Valley are the mystics-in-residence who listen twenty four hours a day to hear God speaking to them.

Think Google. Think Solaris 10. Think Seti@Home. They are here.

Think Grid Computing. Its on its way.

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