Google in our lives as human beings

 I am a human being.

 Like any one, I am not a machine. I am not AI  I only have human intelligence, cast in my genes

Why Google  inspired new 8 to 20 characters passwords?

Because the obsession with security. No matter how safe we are, someone breaks the system in a year or so. This is an infinite loop, 

I imagine this conversation
who are you? 

 I am Nx#!?%271\

These words are not made for humans, who don't  have the ability to memorize, never mind understand  them. 

The google password application tells to me to change 150 passwords. This will take me 3 days, if I am lucky

Of course this is a free app, because it is almost useless. They have more on a subscription base, more geeky. Some people write on paper each password, a very boring task, devoid of any  human pleasure

This shows that Google security quest,  made them forget  who  the users really are.

Google and  I

I am  a consultant working  from a home office. I am not from Harvard, MIT , etc.

Google  would never  ask me an opinion,

This  is a Flesh Thought. From a Dadaist  Consultant

I make a living from these Flash Thoughts


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