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AI for Dummies

Artificial Intelligence for Dummies Only in US, a dummy means a stupid person
In UK according  Oxford Dictionary, a dummy means a model or replica of a human being or an object designed to resemble and serve as a substitute for the real or usual one
Artificial intelligence is a dummy of the real Human Intelligence. From Quora Artificial means man-made. The only way we can be considered artificially intelligent is if we considered biological reproduction resulting in intelligent humans as a man-made process. We know that we are not artificial intelligence because we know that we are not artificial So what makes the best Artificial Intelligence (AI)  is the human mind. AI is nothing but a tool used by creative people.
Machine Learning This is a screen shot from the video Machine Learning Made Easy presented by Shashank Prassana from MatLab.
As the definition says, Machine Learning (ML) uses data and produces a computer program to perform a task.

The Standard Approach, on the left is to …