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Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Narrowness ?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is “intelligence” that is not the result of human cogitation.

I followed the question on Quora What is the difference between artificial intelligence and human intelligence?  and here are some answers from clever contributors
"Artificial means man-made. The only way we can be considered artificially intelligent is if we considered biological reproduction resulting in intelligent humans as a man-made process." "We know that we are not artificial intelligence because we know that we are not artificial." "In my opinion it is misleading to talk about "artificial intelligence". The alternative term, "machine intelligence", is far better." Machine Learning (ML) is the subset of the Artificial Intelligence (AI)  focused on algorithmic approaches, while traditional methods mostly use a parametric approach.  Yet ML and AI are used almost interchangeably
Happiness   Artificial intelligence usefulness is not apparent …