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Brexit disrupts the European Union.

Fintech disrupts banks Fintech disrupts the banking and insurance industry, (see the previous blog ) The World Economic Forum's insights on the future of banking  uses a document from Citi  DIGITAL DISRUPTION How FinTech is Forcing Banking to a Tipping Point to project gloom (loss of jobs, etc), because the paper is produced by one of the largest US banks and a leading target of fintech.
Brexit disrupts European Union (EU) So I ask myself: isn't Brexit disrupting EU, in the same way fintech disrupts banking and insurance?

I wonder how many people know what European Union  is and how it works I thought I knew, but I didn't. After some googling and I realized it is a giant labyrinthine bureaucracy.  It has reminiscences of Kafka (who in real life was clerk at an insurance company in Prague). Kafka accumulated the famous frustration, we named Kafkaesque ;  "something having a nightmarishly complex, bizarre, or illogical quality".
The best way to understand EU is to…

Disrupting the mortgage industry

Note: a day after publishing this post, New York Times published How Housing’s New Players Spiraled Into Banks’ Old Mistakes . It documents the thoughts from this blog I did recently some research about financial services. Here is a refreshing example of the good way to disrupt a bank business. As always, it is the way we treat the customers. And customers are people. Better said, it is the way we treat people What is Fintech It's a segment of the technology startup scene that is disrupting sectors such as mobile payments, money transfers, loans, fundraising and even asset management.
Fintech was added to Oxford Dictionary on line only in 2016  Many – including tech savvy and clued up entrepreneurs – don’t quite have a handle on.
The modern name was coined after 2010. Previously, it applied to the back office of banks or trading firms  These technologies emphasize machine learning, predictive behavioral analytics, data-driven marketing. It appears  by far the machine learning (ML)…

Google's new Cloud Data Center Strategy

I am a long time grid and cloud computer observer, blogger and dreamer.

Three years ago, everyone thought Amazon, Google are the very personification of cloud computing.

I read What Cloud and AI Do and Don’t Mean for Google’s Data Center Strategy. About a year ago, Google brought in new people to revitalize their cloud computing.
 The Alphabet subsidiary has been taking big steps to show that it is “dead serious” about its cloud business, to quote Diane Greene, the founder of VMware whom Google hired last year to lead this charge. In March 2016, only tree month ago, we read  Google to Build and Lease Data Centers in Big Cloud Expansion

The man in charge is Joseph Kava, a Google VP who leads the company’s data center engineering, design, and operations. This is what he says that I thought is worth commenting
Hybrid Strategy  We all know that as people move to the public cloud, they are developing a hybrid strategy. They are still keeping some of their apps and some of their systems eit…