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Working in an office 2015

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The average British worker spends 36 days a year answering work emails. London workers in particular receive close to 9,000 emails each year.  80% of employers consider it perfectly acceptable to contact their employees outside business hours. British workers waste 18 months of their lives commuting, which is often expensive and stressfulOne accounts of having "worked to death" being reported in the corporate sector, as was the case with the Bank of America intern, Moritz Erhardt in 2013. He died of an epileptic seizure after working 72 hours straight. Here is the BBC definition
Productivity measures how much each employee makes over a period of timeCalculated by dividing total output by the number of workers - if a factory employing 50 staff produces 1000 tables a day, then the productivity of each worker is: 1,000 tables/50 staff = 20 tables With this notion of productivity, no wonder suicidal cases like Moritz Erhard exist

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Why Ericsson Industrial Data Center? Listening to Jason Hoffman

The following slides I compiled from notes I took listening to Jason Hoffman, the Software CTO of the Cloud and IP Business Unit in Ericsson. It is a draft I compiled for my own learning and discovery.  The story develops daily