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Apple, the post bendgate fiasco

The #bendgate fiasco tarnished the biggest ever iPhone launch in Apple history, caused hundreds of millions in lost sales and probably billions in reputation damage.

Who is responsible? In Apple is one person: the CEO. Here are some details  from Walter Isaacson book about Steve Jobs, to substantiate what I say.

During the Apple board meeting  of August 24, 2012, Steve said he can not meet any longer the duties and expectations as Apple's CEO. He was battling a terminal disease. He names Tim Cook successor CEO and he assumes the title of Chairman. At the end of the sad meeting, Steve says:
"Hewlett and Packard built a great company. But now is being dismembered and destroyed. It's tragic. I hope, I've left a stronger legacy so that will never happen at Apple." Walter Isaacson asks;
"Was  [Steve] smart? No, not exceptionally. Instead, he was a genius. His imaginative leaps were instinctive, unexpected and at times magical. He was indeed, an example of what th…

About immortality: an Interview with Marius Ursache - the co-founder of

Marius Ursache is one of the most interesting personality from post Ceausescu  Romania to arrive in Silicon Valley. His youthful and sophisticated, well mannered presence makes him the poster-picture son-in-law every mother desires for her daughter.  This is an excerpt from an article about Marius in The New Yorker - How to Become Virtually Immortal
Ursache, a thirty-seven-year-old designer and entrepreneur, dreamed up the idea for a chatbot-navigated Web site ten years ago while he was studying medicine in Romania. He repurposed the idea more recently while attending a program for entrepreneurs at M.I.T. Marius idea was to create “We all pass away sooner or later, leaving only a few memories behind for family, friends and humanity—and eventually we are all forgotten,” the Web site reads. “But what if you could be remembered forever?”

His idea is deemed controversial. We met in San Francisco a few days ago. It is very hard not to like Marius and not to admire his steadfast…

Five Reasons Why High Performance Computing (HPC) startups will explode in 2015

1. The size of the social networks grew beyond any rational expectations Facebook (FB) official stats state that FB has 1.32 billion and 1.07 billion mobile monthly active users. Approximately 81.7% are outside the US and Canada. FB manages  a combined of 2.4 Billion users, including mobile with 7,185 employees.

The world population as estimated by United Nations as  of 1 July 2014 at 7.243 billion. Therefore 33% of the world population is on FB. This includes every infant and  person  alive, and makes abstraction if they are literate or not.
Google reports 540 million users per month plus 1.5 billion photos uploaded per week. Add Twitter, Quora, Yahoo and a few more we reach 3 billion plus people who write emails, chat, tweet, write answers to questions and ask questions, read books, see movies and TV, and so on
Now we have the de-facto measurable collective unconscious of this word, ready to be analyzed. It contains information of something inside us that we are not aware we have. …

Amazon Web Services is going towards complexity and user unhapiness

In a recent blog entry  I quoted David Pogue from New York Times  describing two types of tech users
When will we recognize the existence of the two different types of technical consumers—the Knows and the Know-Nots? Over and over again, I run into products that have been tacitly designed for either group. The creators have a mental picture of a product's audience and the users' technical experience. You can tell from terminology, the amount of detail in the instructions, the number of steps required to accomplish anything. Unfortunately, there is no one type of tech consumer. Someone winds up unhappy. If the design and interface are too technical, novices feel incompetent, shut out and stupid; if the experience is too simple, tech geeks feel insulted and talked down to. Amazon Web Service lately talks only to Knows, completely forgetting the Knows-Nots
But even high level Knows, likeAdrian Cockroft,  @adrianco -  one of  the "fathers" of Netflix streaming  using AWS…

Video: Notes About User Experience in HPC

My presentation video from  San Francisco HPC Meetup Group.