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An Interview with David Ungar, IBM Research

Dr. David Ungar (D.U.) answers the questions of Miha Ahronovitz (M.A.) . This interview is a continuation of the article Many Core processors: Everything You Know (about Parallel Programming) Is Wrong!
David is a professor of computing languages, a highly regarded IBM researcher, a jazz singer, an encyclopedic mind and one of the advocates for a new emphasis in computer science, which he describes below

Crista Videira Lopes, Associate Professor on Computer Science at University of California, Irvine introduced David at SPLASH 2011 as"The one and only Ungar".

M.A. In a 1996 paper you and Randy Smith wrote: "Subjectivity is an inescapable aspect of two great natural systems: human language and the physical world". How did this evolve into the many cores research?
D.U. Count Alfred Korzybski, wrote a book Science and Sanity , published in 1933. He looked at the way people used language, and looked at the modern science of his day. He realized that common language usage wa…

This is the situation we are all in

Everything you wish for is the tiniest island, floating in Everything you hope might happen overlapping reluctantly Everything you suspect might happen  praying not to touch the dreaded Everything you fear might happen.  Now All the things that happen are nothing but a subset of All the things you can't do a thing about. 

Complicated to explain, easy to visualize. We must know how to sift all the layers that are happening simultaneously and must intuit kabbalistically the meanings. 

Story of my life and what I learnt raising money in the US.

I advocated this for two years on Ahrono Associates . The slides are from Jaro Šatkevič, the co-founder of BusyFlow  . He speaks a non-English language, and he will be a winner

You must be physically present in Silicon Valley to get meaningful financing in a high tech startup.

Fractals , JP Morgan; how a CIO can become the scapegoat.

JP Morgan Chase many billion loss (some say $2B, some say $4B) is a big mess, but what is relevant, the CIO is the first to be beheaded. This is stupid.

The loss reportedly came within the last six weeks and resulted from trading in so-called credit derivatives. By the closing of the markets on Friday, roughly 10 percent of the firm’s stock price was lopped off.  JPMorgan Chase is the largest bank in the Unites States. This is no news per-se. Derivatives are artificial paper created by computer via big data analytic and cloud data collections. What is new is to punish the CIO and not the rogue traders. The most famous rogue trader is Nick Leeson, who was a derivatives trader at the Singapore office of Britain's Barings Bank., which went bankrupt for a mere $1B loss.

But the CIO?  Is there such thing as "rogue CIO"? No. But there is such thing as the Human Factor.

Some people, in addition to software should check key decisions. Cloud Sprawl can be as lethal, as it …