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The True Story of the Grid Engine Dream

In Sun,  they called me Mr. Grid Engine. I was the product manager of Sun Grid Engine for a decade, until January 2010. This blog is a story of my journey. Where are  we today?
Defying many predictions, Grid Engine, formerly CODINE, is the Distributed Resource Management software most used in High Performance (HPC), and it refuses to yield to the cloud business model. One day HPC will be delivered as a cloud. Not yet
If you want a metaphor, the Volkswagen Beetle created the cult car that made successful the entire company. Similarly, Grid Engine can be viewed as a not perfect, but fascinating product. It can become the launching pad for something much bigger, with a much wider adoption.   
Grid Engine is, yes - not a typo error - a cult product, an enviable positioning, which defies logic. Apple, Java, Facebook are cult products. Grid Engine has the potential grow from this reputation well beyond it is today.
Commercial supported distributions areUniva Grid EngineandOracle Grid Engine. Bo…

Telcos will dominate the clouds tomorrow?

The Telcos are saying  they are the right incarnation to make the cloud trusted and ubiquitous.  Telecoms Cloud Services Summit will take place in two weeks, 23-25 April 2012 in Berlin

According to Heavy Reading  only 13% of the enterprise IT is committed to cloud in 2013 leaving a plenty 87% traditionally spent IT budget to be disrupted by the cloud.

Amazon Web Services, RackSpace, OpenStack, Citrix, Eucalyptus, KVM, VMware and other gods of the cloud are not complete solutions. In a recent twiter exchange illuminaries like Lydia Leong (Gartner),  Randy Bias (CloudScaling) and George Reese (enStratus) agreed that the IaaS platform is only 10% mature.

This is my blog on this incompleteness, underlying the future opportunities.

"The cloud is not the cloud without the network." Those were the words of NTT America CTO Doug Junkins at Cloud Connect conference in Santa Clara, CA.  I said the same thing in this blog Why Include the Network Virtualization to the Cloud . As the Tel…