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Blessings for the New Year for all my readers without exception

Bob Dylan words and music in Eric Weinberg voice

May God bless and keep you alwaysMay your wishes all come trueMay you always do for othersAnd let others do for you May you build a ladder to the stars And climb on every rung May you stay forever young

Kindle 3G + WiFi from Amazon

Update: I have the latest Kindle, the one back-lit with 300 ppi resolution. I also have the kindle app installed in every PC, Mac and on Samsung Note 4 Android phone (which has a large screen)

By far the most pleasant reading experience is from the Kindle device. It shows that Amazon has something off the beaten path.

What you read  here is my first Kindle, which I would have had not replace, but because the batteries died and there is no way  to replace them.

So if a  Kindle lasts for 3 years, calculate about 3.50 dollars per month the cost of owning it.

I was -  like most people who read - a believer in printed and bound books. I like the smell of a new book. I bought them, to own the copy, as I often made notes for reference later.

The kindle 3G changed my perception. It is a marvel of product management  work,the engineering design is secondary. Here are the reasons why:
Kindle 3G+ WiFi  is designed exclusively…