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Cloud investment & horse betting

In my earlier blog,  I listed 29 most promising cloud companies as listed by network world and other sources.

Now GigaOm headline is September 24, 2010: Cloud Startup Values Are Getting Insane. 
RightScale and Eucalyptus are getting $100M valuation. The GigaOm guys, right in heart of Silicon Valley know how to sell hot news. With their announced Pro service, they ar emore  informed  than the traditional analysts, and they themselves had a $2.5M round of  funding.

A year earlier in September 2009 we had the  11 Top Open-source Resources for Cloud Computing

The latest news October 29  2010 are the 10 best financed cloud startups. Here they are:
1. Aster Data Systems – $53 million

2. RightScale – $42.5 million

3. Virtustream – $40 million

4. Engine Yard – $37.5 million

5. Cloudera – $36 million

6. Nirvanix – $35 million

7. rPath – $32 million

8. Eucalyptus – $25.5 million

9. Joyent – $22 million

10. Nimbula – $20.75 million  I checked how many companies were listed in 29 most promisin…

Are America's employees hypochondriacs?

I commented Umair Haque new blog

Umair, your voice and thoughts and blog are music to our ears. Probably the best way to start is to revive US economy driven by high-tech, is the IPO. The Feds can think of a law that gives incentives to all investments in IPO. This is the most attractive exit strategies for the VC community. 2nd, the VC's must invest in very early stage corporation, and not, like some institutionalized VCs employing scions of families with money and young MBAs with no business risk experience. Some VC act as loan officers in a commercial bank thirty years ago.

Here is a quote from Liel Leibovitz in Tablet: "the most radical thing about Brin, Zuckerberg, and the technologies they created is that they encourage constant commentary, ongoing debate, endless involvement. It’s a way of thinking that is very bad for oppressive corporations, zealous theocracies, and anyone else wishing to exert complete control over information."…

The IPO, the job, the bottom line & the Corporation

This a quote  The Institutional Innovation Manifesto by Umar Haique

The IPO. The IPO window, venture investors will tell you, has been shut down for the better part of a decade. Here's a thought: maybe all the above — reckless banks, overinvesting in yesterday, and tuned-out investors swearing allegiance to yesterday — has more than a little to do with why it's shut. And will stay shut. So instead of hoping, praying, and pleading for it to open, why not reinvent the IPO as we know it? Here's my guess: whoever can conceptualize a better way for companies to get funded, one that doesn't require payoffs through the nose to (dis)investment bankers, enough legal paperwork to bury Jupiter, and the persuasion of institutional investors who should probably be institutionalized for all the care they've shown towards monitoring the health of the companies they own — well, said innovator probably stands to make a fortune.The job.
The job. Some call this is t…