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Top 11 Cloud Companies Versus IDC and Gartner estimated market sizes

The purpose of the table below is to estimate very roughly how much business in terms of revenues the cloud  companies collect today. Then I compared these numbers to much publicized IDC $56B per year and Gartner $146B per year. Assumptions:
I included top 10 2009 companies, top 15 2010 both from Network WorldI added new names suggested by contributors to Google cloud computing discussion group (over 40,000 readers) I added the company  names suggested as comments to my previous blog entryI divided the revenues as "Licenses sales and Services", "Hardware Sales" considered for Oracle only and advertising income, which is keyMy research for revenues is minimal and I used these simplificationsAny cloud company that does not disclose revenues, gets $10M per year default assumption. This is generous for many start-ups, usually struggling with the first millions,and could be an underestimate for some other companies. Overall the number is adequateGoogle advertising data i…

The Fate of Oracle’s Grid Engine , fall 2010

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The growing concern in HPC circles about the fate of Oracle Grid Engine (OGE) after the merger with Sun in February 2010 is the catalyst for asking thiis rhetorical question.

  Oracle strategy seems focused primarily  to monetize immediately new products from acquired companies. OGE monetary potential visible with the naked eye is misleading. The product itself and the know how of its’ engineers can create new solutions in Oracle impossible to acquire from other companies, because they don’t exist yet.

For now the access to  Oracle Grid Engine product page  is complicated. If one does not know anything about what Oracle Grid Engine can do, it is highly improbable to discover this product by simply browsing Oracle's web site.

A seasoned executive from HPC industry commented: “Add to it the …

Top 15 Cloud Computing Companies

According to Network World  these are the cloud  companies to watch  in May 2010:
Abiquo Boom!CloudshareCrosscheck NetworksElastraEgnyteGood DataKaevoNasuniNavajo SystemsSymplifiedTerremark WorldwideViewfinityVirtual ArkVMlogix
A year before, in May 2009, Network World  listed 10 companies to watch
AmazonEnomaly GoogleGoGridMicrosoftNetSuiteRackspaceRightScaleSalesforce.comDo you agree? In 2010, all are start ups yet to make a name. In  2009, we had all big companies listed

Please delete or add companies to watch in September 2010, and a short explanation why  in the comments section. The idea is to keep the numbers to 10 top cloud companies