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Apcera re-purposed itself.

Apcera Apcera started as a PaaS platform called Continuum; then HCOS (Hybrid Cloud Operating System); then simply Apcera  platform.

The latest Apcera incarnation from Network World Nov 8  is
 Apcera’s container management platform for cloud-native and legacy applications. At the same time, the company also announced it has expanded integration features to further support Amazon EC2 Container Service (Amazon ECS), Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Azure—strong integrations that should further the company's claim to providing near-seamless movement of workloads across heterogeneous environments. According Mark Thiele, chief strategy officer for Apcera.
“Apcera has an enterprise-first approach to container management, and customers regularly turn to us to help modernize legacy applications, as well as to run Docker securely and at scale,” Joyent There is a January 2015 - famous now - blog from Bryan Cantrill, Joyent CTO . The title is Predicteria 2015 . If you wonder what Predicter…

How to stop AI bots from creating a Mad Max world

What Cooldimi offers? We enable intelligent Chat-Robots, in short Bots. We make a bot smarter. To use an analogy, a hunter needs a dog. But this is not any dog, but a special breed and trained as a hunting dog.

Similar to a hunting dog, a cooldimi bot learns faster to make successful it's owner, knows it's  limitation and lets the human take initiative when it has no answer, It will quickly learn new skills to improve his owner satisfaction.

We have demo available  on how we actually do this with a bot, any bot from Facebook, Microsoft, Pandorabot and so on. What can I do with a bot? Before answering this question, Facebook’s introduction of a bot-building platform at its F8 developer conference event April 2016, triggered indirectly some colossal profit increase for the company. Facebook had a wildly successful Q3, earning $7.01 billion in revenue. Facebook destroyed analyst estimates, which were $6.92 billion in revenue  The first thing you can do with a bot you can make mo…