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Insurance Industry and the next Industrial revolution

At World Economic Forum in Davos 2016, this picture feels grandiose
According to Harvard Business Review , the article Is Your Organization Ready for Total Digitization? explains:
What do the following items have in common: credit cards and streaming or recorded music, robots for production, CAD systems, telephone networks, digital games, computers in products like cars and vacuum cleaners, sensors, and video consoles used in remote mining? Answer: They are all digital and connectable. This is the world of total digitization: a multitude of digital devices and sensors creating streams of data, as well as any number of digital services and products for both internal and external use, distributed throughout the enterprise, and sometimes, but not always, connected. However the road to the 4th industrial has the devils in the details.
The amazing challenges of digitization the life insurance industry This is an industry that bills total premiums of 2.3 trillions dollars per year worldwid…