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"The (Cloud) Game Has Changed" blog one year later

This blog was published by Deirdre Straughan on December 8, 2014,  It summarized at that time the Ericsson's evolution of Cloud and IP in a series of papers written and presented via video. The authors are Jason Hoffman and Geoff Hollingworth,  key members of Ericsson cloud and IP think-tank.

It is time to re-read this blog and see how thoughts evolved in reality. Old sages relate intellectual issues to real choices.  When faced with a difference of opinion between two views, we ask: "What is the practical difference?"

The practical difference, is one year later, today.

The (Cloud) Game Has Changed By: 8 December, 2014 Cloud , Mobility , NFV , SDN, , Back in September (it seems so long ago!), we shared on Ericsson’s Networked Society blog a think-piece written by Geoff Hollingworth and Jason Hoffman. Now that we’re launching Ericsson’s new cloud blog, it’s appropriate to share this paper again because it sets the stage for much that…