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How to make products with a happy ending

Nir Eyal, one of the most influential mentors I have, just published the book Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products . You can download it for kindle for free until December 31, 2013. My review is Amazon site  For convenience, here it is When I downloaded the book, I recalled this quote from Nir Eyal blog, NirAndFar:"A funny thing happens when you lie to people: they tend to believe. Why shouldn't they? They lie to themselves all the time. Our minds are wired to respond in predictable ways-among them is perceiving the world the way we want to see it, not necessarily the way it is."
Does this book lie? Well Nir gives us facts. He describes the way we reach user hearts and brains, in the same way perhaps Bob Dylan music hooks you on.. What is a Habit? ("automatic behavors triggered by situational cues..things we do with little or no conscious thought"). A habit-forming company, says Nir, links its services to the users' daily routines and emotions.Nir Ey…

How to create non cliché visionary businesses in 2014

Everyone talks of new company for the 21st century. We see Kodak, Sun, Compaq disappear. We see HP and Dell struggling . Oracle may join them.
All ideas and quotes below are part of The Operating Model That Is Eating The World by Aaron Dignam .These teachings add up to my non-cliche product management credo as described in the Product Management Manifesto The problem "Massive organizations are feeling intense pressure to innovate, as unencumbered startups take shots across their bows. Legacy processes that enforce bureaucracy, command-and-control structures, waterfall development, and risk management are still largely the standard among big corporations, yet they’re liabilities in this fight. Those processes were built for a very particular set of circumstances – ones that don’t persist today. Educational researcher Sugata Mitra explored this notion... speaking of the British Empire’s bureaucratic approach to managing a far flung empire, “They engineered a system so robust, that…

Must Read: The new, improved New Dandelion plan for HFA's employment

This is the new, improved plan. Read it. Think of your friends who are parents of a grown up Highly Functional Autistic (HFA) young person. Ask them to read it. Write to me. I want to start a non-profit, open an office in Rocklin, California, US where I live and where the main campus of Sierra College is located. I want to start a pilot to multiply by 10x the number of successful HFA students gainfully employed. Then by 100x and by 1,000x as we grow in California and the rest of United States and Canada.

Many thanks to Bob Dorf for the support. In preparing this plan, the ideas from The Startup Owners Manual book Bob co-authored with Steve Blank, percolated my thoughts. This is a social enterprise that needs social capital to create happiness and goodness for all Americans. Here the idea for "customer development" is how to extract the enormous talent hiding in many HFAs and saving their future.
“The fundamental principle of customer development is that you start to think ab…

Bernard Madoff and I - updated January 1, 2015

On a personal level I don't really understand how Wall Street makes money. I am not in that league.

But do all the movie stars, sport stars, Internet entrepreneurs, winners of lotteries know how Wall Street works? Ultimately, do these chief economists and Harvard Business School grads  know how Wall Street works? Probably they can give courses and talk for hours, but they don't know either.

There is only one explanation; Faith. "Faith becomes necessary only when we cannot directly experience the object with our senses or understand the reason for doing something." Chaim Kramer writes

Faith in people like  Mr. Madoff? We love to fabricate idols, because we need them so much to feel protected from our own doubts and fears. Having a lot of money, I mean really a lot of money, brings insecurity and nightmarish demons. We need people like Mr. Madoff to bring deliverance to the rich

Bernard Madoff was the Ponzi scheme operator  using the money of the wealthiest people in t…