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Many Core processors: Everything You Know (about Parallel Programming) Is Wrong!

David Ungar is "an out-of-the-box thinker who enjoys the challenge of building computer software systems that work like magic and fit a user's mind like a glove.". this is a summary from  SPLASH 2011 in November 2011
In the end of the first decade of the new century, chips such as Tilera’s can give us a glimpse of a future in which manycore microprocessors will become commonplace: every (non-hand-held) computer’s CPU chip will contain 1,000 fairly homogeneous cores. Such a system will not be programmed like the cloud, or even a cluster because communication will be much faster relative to computation. Nor will it be programmed like today’s multicore processors because the illusion of instant memory coherency will have been dispelled by both the physical limitations imposed by the 1,000-way fan-in to the memory system, and the comparatively long physical lengths of the inter- vs. intra-core connections. In the 1980’s we changed our model of computation from static to dyna…

Why Include the Network Virtualization to the Cloud

Following the publication yesterday of the Network Virtualization (NV), The New El Dorado  many people asked more about M2Mi  (Machine to Machine Intelligence).

In an article originally published in the Intel publication Journey to Cloud Magazine: Volume 1, Issue 2 , I read one of the best rationale for Network Virtualization (NV) as organic part of the Cloud.

Here is a summary:

Network virtualization is a technology that allows layers of security and connectivity services to be deployed over heterogeneous, multi-vendor devices. The term “virtualization” applies since the technology abstracts applications away from propriety holes in and between incompatible devices. Incompatibilities among devices make networks complex and difficult to maintain. Human intervention often leads to mistakes, This is why more than 75 percent of traditional IT budgets are spent purely on networking

Why include the network in the cloud? Because:
ALL END USERS access the cloud application through the networ…

Network Virtualization (NV), The New El Dorado

NV: What it is and what is the market size?
On Open Flow discussion list, someone from Stanford University asks on October 5, 2011:
I am trying to get a feel of how big the network virtualization industry will become. Do you have some sources on how much the industry is or will be worth? I have seen some figures on the compute and storage virtualization industry (such as from VMware), but I have not found such figures, or even discussion on network virtualization.  The reply comes from another contributor at Computer Science Stanford University
If you're a computer scientist, this is entirely the wrong way of thinking about it. Instead I would ask: what does network virtualization mean? how does it affect the networks, systems, and applications you are interested in? What transformative change can it bring about? What awesomely cool stuff can you do with it? How will it affect the world? Understanding the technology and what you can do with it is the important part. If you're …

Will Betterness Work?

Umair Haque Beterness Manifesto is one of the most influential document published in 2011. Below are three essential quotes. They are designed as a remedy to the malaise we observe mainly in US economy and psyche. Summarizing the quote, betterness implies:
We are the freest people in history. It time to use our freedomWe are worthy and we have talent. Start a new company or find a better one, rather than wasting your life in "organizations that misallocate it, underutilize it" Over the next decade, the businesses that can't do better, the ones you're giving your talent away to, are to go extinct anyway. Cut the cord now, before the axe falls and cuts it for you.Stop living somewhere where you're forced to, like it's groundhog day This is what will bring us betterness. But how is this applicable to people living in North Korea? They will read the four bullets of advise above, as if applicable to people living on the moons.

Perhaps everyone agree that this…

Galati Flower Mill, aka Moara Bros. Aronovici

Moara Galatilor, built by my father in 1945, confiscated by communists,as it looks at April 2011
— Miha Ahronovitz (@myinnervoice) January 2, 2012

2012: Tell the status quo to go to hell

Umair Haque'- one of the top 50 thinkers of 2011 in Mastering the Art of Living Well advises younger people what to do to contribute to the "betterness".
Do not study so you can be a faithful, loyal, unquestioning "employee" with the commoditized, routinized analytical skills to get the (yawn, shrug, eye-roll) neo-Fordist job doneBe a wholer person.  What society has a shortage of living, breathing well-rounded humans; with a moral compass, an ethical core, a cosmopolitan sensibility, and a long view born of historicism
Without a refined, honed, expansive sense of what great accomplishment is, you stand little to no chance of ever pushing past its boundaries yourself. Your youth should be spent pursuing your passion — not just slightly, tremulously, haltingly, but unrelentingly, with a vengeance, to the max and then beyond.Dream laughably big If your quest is mediocrity, then sure, master the skills of shuffling Powerpoi…