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The quest for a cloud using Many-Core processors

Just as we learned the cloud is SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, our minds were geared into the desktop / servers processors produced by Intel and AMD mostly. The many virtualization packages declared themselves cloud, in reality facilitated the management  of resources, but virtualization by itself does no management whatsoever.

In June 2011, Tilera unveiled the "Cloud Computing Processor"
TILE-Gx™ 3000 processor family specifically designed for today’s most common cloud computing applications. Co-developed with some of the world’s largest Internet brands, the TILE-Gx 3000 processors are optimized for cloud datacenters. Although Tilera does not name these "world's largest Internet Brands", we know Facebook is one of them. The reference is Facebook Sides With Tilera in The Server Architecture Debate. Quote
Low-power many-core processors are well suited to KV- store workloads with large amounts of data. Despite their low clock speeds, these architectures can perform on-par or…

The quest for a cloud

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A personal look: Super Computing 2011

Here is  a quote from my blog about 2009 Super Computing conference commenting on the purpose of the TOP500 list So what? Many people ask this question today. "So what?" The business model this list promotes brought the bankruptcy of SGI, Thinking Machines, Cray Research, SiCortex and many who designed supercomputers based on one criteria: to pass a LINPACK test. This was originally introduced in 1979, 30 years ago. It tests the floating point and little more. LINPACK tells nothing of how easy is to solve complex problems with a given supercomputer.
Sure Science and Defense need these supercomputers. They always did. However, once one developed such a winner, it was difficult, if not impossible to sell it to a commercial entity, who also needs these powerful computers, but they must make money from the investment
What you see about is this year TOP500 winner, Riken K computer
As of the November 2011 TOP500 list, the K computer uses 88,128 2.0GHz 8-core SPARC64 VIIIfx proces…

Is Steve Jobs a Syrian - American?

Since the name of his biological father was revealed as Abdulfattah “John” Jandali , Jobs is called a Syrian American. But Jandalli only learned that Jobs was his son “around 2005,” His first attempt at contacting Jobs came only in the last year, with casual e-mails.

But who are the most famous Syrian Americans? Wikipedia writes:
The overwhelming majority of Syrian immigrants to the US from 1880 to 1960 were Christian, a minority were Jewish, whereas Muslim Syrians arrived in the United States chiefly after 1965. According to the United States 2000 Census, there were 142,897 Americans of Syrian ancestry, about 12% of the Arab population in the United States. How can Steve Jobs, - who never heard a word of Arab in his family, grew up in a Christian non-observant family and became a Buddhist - can be a Syrian American? Well it can. The list of Syrian Americans includes Jerry Seinfeld, whose father was a Hungarian Jew and the mother a Syrian Jew, Paula Abdul, also Jewish with family …

Steve Jobs and the touch of ruthlessness

In The Razor Edge, W. Sommerset Maugham writes about the character Larry: “Larry lacks just that touch of ruthlessness that even the saint must have to win his halo.”

That "touch of ruthlessness" is all over the biography of Steve Jobs, We transformed him in a new God. Steve's talents and achievements are blended with this ruthlessness he must have "to win his halo", This is obvious from the book of Isaacson, Commented by Steven Shankland
It would have been impossible, of course, to overlook Jobs' temper, his impatience, his brutal treatment of co-workers, his callous treatment of his first child, and his unforgiving separation of the world's population into A-team gods in the one corner and shitheads and bozos in the other. Isaacson, while opining that the "nasty edge to his personality was not necessary," more often presents Jobs' harshness as effective. "Dozens of the colleagues whom Jobs most abused ended their litany of horror…

Tweets on Cloud Expo 2011 West, Santa Clara

Here are the tweets I selected to summarize what I have seen
inetu INetU So what's the biggest thing everyone learned at #CloudExpo?
myinnervoice Miha Ahronovitz #cloudexpo most exhibitors are hosting services companies posing as cloud. They charge fixed subs
myinnervoice Miha Ahronovitz CEO Power Panel #cloudexpo. Only Mårten Mickos Eucalyptus & Lawrence Guillory @Racemi made sense.
myinnervoice Miha Ahronovitz #cloudexpo No Google, no AWS, no Yahoo, no Joyent, no IBM well, yes Platform), no Univa
myinnervoice Miha Ahronovitz How to become a cloud company? Go to #cloudexpo, rent a booth, display whatever you have on a monitor, and say "This is our cloud offering"
khazret_sapenov Khazret Sapenov @myinnervoice :) perhaps same applies to big data company?
myinnervoice Miha Ahronovitz #cloudexpo Many interesting people have no booth
myinnervoice Miha Ahronovitz @CloudExpo #Oracle Public Cloud, they show the web site… Nothing is live.