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Amazon and the extinct dinosaurs

Here is my tweet on this subject
rank 230 breaks a new era in It has billing on demand All entries must disclose $/yr/Rmax, or be extinct dinosaursThe point I wanted to make is in HPC, a price of $ 1.60 per node per hour is deceiving. To make an HPC configuration able to get on #230 on TOP500,we need so many nodes like never before, and pricing was not devised for these kind of volumes. The 25M assumes 100% usage, which is unrealistic and assumes on-demand prices, when one can use reserved instances pricing. This combined effect of lower utilization and the usage of reserves instances may reduce the cost to $6M to $8M, IMHO

But in Top 500, the annual operating cost are mind boggling. Here are the example of the cost of  supercomputers (back in 2005)

As you see the combined cost of The Blue Gene/L (Rank 1) Supercomputer together with the ASC Purple (Rank 3) cost $290 million. If take a 5 year depreciation , that $58M per year. Add support Sysa…

Cisco clouds : A conversation with a friend

We met at the  Avalon Club party as part of the CloudExpo 2010. We chatted under British heavy rock louder than ever and eating some seared tuna, salmon with wine.

Your large organization wants a private cloud with all data local and secure. You have a very large data base and growing I promised to share with you  what I discovered myself and maybe all this people will attend the next Cloud Expo event.
This is what I dug out in the last 6 weeks

Cloudera has a seminar on how to integrate Hadoop with DB and BI applications

Anil Madan, eBay, Director of Engineering, Analytics Product Development  leads the team at eBay that is leveraging its data assets to do advanced insights and analyticsJeff Hammerbacher, Cloudera, Founder and Chief Scientist conceived, built, and led the Data team at Facebook. The Data team was responsible for inventing and building powerful data analysis applications on Hadoop
Here are  some notes from A NoSQL Evening i…